Notes of Appreciation to Michelle Harrington

Notes of Appreciation

VanVacter Family

Thank you for all you did for us! We appreciate you working evenings & weekend since we both work days, that really meant alot to us. We had been through 4 realtors before we met you. You are the absolute best & if we ever move we'll be reaching out to you. We love our dream home in Plattsburg & thanks again for all your patience & tenacity.

Turner Family

Thank you for attending our house warming party. It meant so much to us that you were able to share in our joy & excitement. We are looking forward to many more family gatherings in our new home. Thank you again for all your help with buying our new home in Kansas City we love it!

Bennett Family

Thank you for coming by to visit & doing a walk through room by room to help me determine what needs done to my home in Kearney. Appreciate you sending me all the information I needed to be fully prepared to sell my house in the Spring. Also, I really enjoy getting your newsletter, so glad we became friends you're very understanding & a good listener. Thank you for all you do!